Compliance SET


A set of programs designed to help districts and campuses track their Compliance with State & Federal programs.

Parental & Family Engagement Log

Document State & Federal compliance with Title I Parent & Family Engagement initiatives

Time & Effort Manager

Take charge of Time & Effort documentation

Special Allotment Monitoring Program (Texas)

Evaluate district compliance in the State's new Special Allotment and Monitoring Program




Web-Based Program

  • Completely web-based; no additional work for your IT department
  • Accessible from anywhere there is internet access
  • Secured & encrypted data

User Permission

Users can be assignmed the following permission levels in each of the SET2PLAN programs:

  • Campus Viewer, Editor or Approver
  • District Viewer or Approver
  • Program Manager

Program Manager

Users can be assigned as managers of the individual programs to:

  • Add users and change user permission-levels
  • Identify orgs that will complete any of the compliance programs
  • Alter the list of Needs, and list of funding sources