Evaluation SET


A set of programs to help district's and campuses evaluate the effectiveness of their plans and programs

Evaluate Title I Plan

Evaluate the effectiveness of the campus Title I Improvement plan

Progress Monitoring Program

Measure the quarterly progress towards completing actions in the Improvement Plan

Evaluate District SCE Plan

Report on the effectiveness of the district's State Comp Ed program




Web-Based Program

  • Completely web-based; no additional work for your IT department
  • Accessible from anywhere there is internet access
  • Secured & encrypted data

User Permission

Users can be assignmed the following permission levels in each of the SET2PLAN programs:

  • Campus Viewer, Editor or Approver
  • District Viewer or Approver
  • Program Manager

Program Manager

Users can be assigned as managers of the individual programs to:

  • Add users and change user permission-levels
  • Identify orgs that will complete any of the compliance programs
  • Alter the list of Needs, and list of funding sources