I'm using another Campus Improvement Plan program.  Can I just purchase the Budget SET program?

Yes.  While the advantage of using our Improvement program allows you to link to other program (i.e., Title I Funds, State Comp Ed Manager), you can still use our programs while using another Improvement SET program.

I'm hesitant to have all of my staff start from scratch with a new Improvement Plan program.  Is there a way to make the transition easier?

Absolutely. For a nominal cost, we will transfer all of your current improvement plan data into the Improvement SET.  The cost will be well worth saving your staff the time and frustration of starting from scratch.

If I'm putting all of my financial information for Title and State Comp Ed in the Budget SET program, do I also have to put it in the Improvement SET program (doing twice the work?)

Not if you are using our Improvement SET program.  Once you finish entering your financial data into the Budget SET program (Title, State Comp Ed), with the push of a button it will automatically put all of that financial data into the Improvement SET program.

My Improvement Plan program vendor claims to be the first.  Doesn't that make them better?

No.  The most popular word-processors today are Microsoft Word and Google Docs.  Yet...they were certainly not the first.  The early ones (which some of you may remember) were DisplayWriter, Word Perfect and WordStar.  No one uses those programs anymore. Being first doesn't make you the best.



Web-Based Program

  • Completely web-based; no additional work for your IT department
  • Accessible from anywhere there is internet access
  • Secured & encrypted data

User Permission

Users can be assignmed the following permission levels in each of the SET2PLAN programs:

  • Campus Viewer, Editor or Approver
  • District Viewer or Approver
  • Program Manager

Program Manager

Users can be assigned as managers of the individual programs to:

  • Add users and change user permission-levels
  • Identify orgs that will complete any of the compliance programs
  • Alter the list of Needs, and list of funding sources